PEX Vs. Copper

I recently ran across an article by Uponor USA entitled, “How much Time Can You Really Save on an Uponor PEX Plumbing Job?”, and I thought it would be good to share it. You can find the original article here. The article lists the benefits of PEX that we’ve all heard before, such as the fact that it is more flexible than copper or CPVC, it takes fewer connections, and is corrosion resistant. But what is really interesting about the article is that it has a link to a video which you can find here, that shows a side-by-side installation comparing copper, CPVC, PEX crimp, and this Uponor logic system.

In the video, there is a countdown timer that shows how long each installation takes. The results are really eye-opening. The copper installation takes a little over an hour longer to complete than the Uponor logic system. The logic system is composed of PEX pipe, multi-port Tees, and ProPEX fittings. In addition to the video, I thought it would be good to have an infographic comparing the two(Uponor logic and Copper) side-by-side.

If you haven’t tried PEX yet, it might be time to come in and discover what you’re missing out on. We have plumbing experts on staff that can answer any questions and help you make the right decision.