BenMark promotes smart water practices

BenMark Supply Inc. is committed to water reclamation, water treatment, water conservation and other efforts that aid in protecting fresh water sources for years to come. Not only does BenMark Supply sell products and solutions that efficiently move and store water, but the overwhelming sense of responsibility to care for this natural resource is reflected in the company culture and philosophy.

That commitment was evident with a recent partnership with the Aphasia Center of West Texas, a local non-profit with a special gardening initiative. Aphasia is a communication impairment typically caused by a stroke. Aphasia affects a person’s expression and understanding of language as well as the ability to read and write. “The garden provides a great opportunity to practice communication and cooking in adaptive ways and it unites people at the Aphasia Center around a common goal,” relays Kathryn Shelley, Marketing & Development director of the Aphasia Center.

It is difficult to attempt a garden in a severe drought and supplemental water was necessary to make the highly needed garden program possible. A partnership with BenMark allowed for the installation of a 1,000 gallon vertical polyethylene tank at the Aphasia Center garden location. Each time it rains, the tank collects the runoff water that is routed from the roof’s gutter system. The stored rain water helps crops to make it through hot west Texas summers and, of course, between rain showers in a drought or otherwise.

Other uses for the large capacity vertical polyethylene tanks include, chemical storage for gas tanks on drilling sites, fresh water storage for life stock, irrigation or various rinsing or cleaning initiatives.

We’re happy to help a great organization in the community and to further promote water harvesting and other smart water practices,” offers Will Reinert President of BenMark Supply Inc.

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